How Custom Wall Art Can improve Your Company's Productivity

How Custom Office Wall Art Can Improve Your Company’s Productivity

Did you know 78% of office workers say art in the office increases their creativity and productivity? Dress up your bare walls with custom office wall art that grabs your employees’ attention and motivates them throughout the day!

From motivational quotes to a “wall of achievement,” custom vinyl wall decals can turn your office into a productivity powerhouse by inspiring your employees every day. Learn how you can design a custom package for your facility.

By selecting the perfect office wall art, you can capture the culture of your company on your walls, but even more important, keep your staff engaged and inspired throughout the workday. In fact, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, 64% of office workers surveyed said art in the office increased creativity and productivity, and 78% agreed it reduced stress.

Before you begin to notice the output of your employee’s decline, consider spicing up your office with a custom wall art canvas or business wall decals geared toward them.

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Your choices for custom office wall art

The wall art options for businesses are as diverse as the offices they’ll hang in. No matter your company, your design goals, or your budget, you can dress up your facility in minutes.

Just how can you put wall art to work for you and inspire staff at the same time?

  • Motivational designs – There’s that certain roll-your-eyes-and-groan factor that’s always accompanied motivational signs and posters. But with custom wall art decals, you can change that by incorporating action-packed, eye-catching graphics that energize your employees and motivational quotes that connect with them on a personal level.
  • Branding – Employees want to feel proud of the company they work for and feel a sense of ownership. Your logos or artwork can be transformed into vinyl art that can be easily installed in lobbies and communal areas. Or, add artwork or photography that ties in with your mission. For instance, a hiking shoe company can install wall-to-wall photos of the Appalachian or Pacific Coast trails. A clothing manufacturer can add life-size examples of their latest line to the walls.
  • Work portfolio – If you own an ad agency, what’s better than showing off an award-winning campaign than with a “wall of achievement” created with vinyl wall decals? Or, if run an architectural or engineering company, design a wall-sized vinyl timeline of your latest project, from blueprint through ribbon cutting.
  • An inspirational lift – Every employee has someone that inspires them, such as an industry leader, an athlete, or writer. Create custom wall art quotes by finding passages that relate to your business and incorporate them throughout your facility to give employees that extra boost on those hard days.
  • Company perks – Staff members want to be recognized for the hard work they do and honored for the incredible individuals they are. One reward or benefit could be giving them the chance to dress up their personal office or cubicle with custom art that relates to them, like a photo of their family, an achievement they’ve accomplished, or a shot of their favorite vacation spot.

Boost morale and productivity with custom wall art decals

Business owners and interior designs from across St. Louis have depended on Infinite Signs & Graphics to accessorize their facilities at an affordable cost. Whether you need a custom wall canvas or business wall decals, we can design, produce, and install them on your timeline. The moment your artwork is on your walls, you’ll immediately notice a difference in those employees who appreciate an inviting work environment. To get your free office wall art quote, contact our team today.