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Why Trade Show Signs Will Boost Leads Instantly

From the moment they step inside the exhibit hall, even the most seasoned trade show goers can be overwhelmed by the number of booths vying for their business. If you don’t have the right trade show signs in place, you can quickly get lost in the crowd. However, if your signage captures your brand and your prospects’ attention, attendees will make a beeline right to your booth.

The importance of trade show banners and signs

Trade Show Signs - Infinite Signs & Graphics

Trade shows continue to be a booming business in all industries, from education to technology to healthcare. Getting face to face with your prospects as opposed to handling everything by email or phone strengthens the relationship and increases your chance of a sale. In fact, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority for their company, and meeting them at a trade show versus in the field can save your company up to $943.

If you don’t drive prospects to your trade show booth, you can’t drive new business opportunities. Therefore, it’s important to develop a trade show sign strategy and implement smart creative long before you travel to the convention hall.

What makes a successful trade show sign?

There are a variety of sign options available, from traditional trade show pop up banners and table displays to more contemporary options like hanging trade show banners. No matter which you choose, you know the sign is a success if it is:

  • Highly visible – You want your sign to be seen as easily from across the room as it is just a few steps away. That means it needs to feature bold colors, attention-grabbing graphics, and easy-to-read text.
  • Tells your story – You can put the coolest photos and logos on your sign. It can win awards and be the envy of graphic designers everywhere. But if your prospects don’t immediately understand who you are or what you offer, they’ll pass on by. While intrigue is key to luring customers to your booth, confusion drives them away.
  • Has a call to action – What do you want prospects to do? Talk with you to get a free estimate? Play a game to win prizes (while you collect their information for follow-ups!)? Leave a business card as part of a raffle? If prospects can learn more about you and get a value-added benefit, they’re more like to stop in.
  • Leaves a lasting impression – Your trade show signs say a lot about you with one glance. If they’re old, outdated or poorly designed, they don’t reflect the solid reputation of your business. But if they’re exciting and impactful, they can make even the oldest company look cutting-edge and the smallest business appear to be an industry leader.

Let Infinite Signs & Graphics design your trade show signs


Trade Show Sign - Infinite Signs & Graphics

A trade show is no time to be boring. Step out of your comfort zone with trade show banners that are not only eye-catching but incredibly effective! Infinite Signs & Graphics in St. Louis can design and produce trade show signs you can be proud of and package them so they’re easy to transport no matter where your next convention is at. To learn more about your trade show signage options, contact us today.